Most people call me Dan.  Only my mother calls me Daniel and gets away with it.  I am a PGA Class A (not sure what the A stands for but use your imagination on that one) Professional.  I started into the golf industry while I was in College because I could not afford to play golf anymore. (read starving college student)  Once I graduated with a BS in Philosophy, well WTF do you do with that but play golf.  Well that lasted a week or two and then I had to find a job to pay for my golf habit.  I moved to Florida the Mecca of golf courses.  Found a job in the bag room and then as an Assistant professional which I did for almost 10 years.  The first chance I had to get out of the golf shop and support myself creating these custom covers I WAS GONE!!!  It's not that I didn't like the game, I LOVE THE GAME!  It is just that I was getting tired of answering phone calls and making tee times and folding shirts.  It turns out the Golf Professional Business is not what I thought it was going to be,  My bad.

Being in the golf shop as an Assistant Professional taught me a lot about life and who I wanted to be when I was in the position to be a member of a club like the one I was working at.  The Head Professional I worked for for 9 years taught me a lot about the profession, what to do, what not to do and how to survive in the business.  He has been the HP for this club for the last 20+ years, so he knows a thing or two.

While I was working at the club members would come up to me all the time and ask me to take care of something for them.  This is what we do in the business, but I learned that I suffer from CRS (can't remember sh-t) so I started to carry a note pad to write these things down in.  Well that led me to create a custom cover for my note pad because who wants to just carry a plain anything let alone a stupid note pad.  That led me to create a custom cover for my yardage books on the golf course and T.I.N. BOX PARTNERS was born.  Someone saw mine and asked me to make them one, and then another and then another.  It dawned on me that I could make a little extra money for my family doing this on the side.  Well I was doing this on the side or so I thought until I get yelled at by my HP for only working 35 hours one week because I was leaving early to finish some large orders that were starting to come in.  So after 9 years of working at this club I resigned and started working on T.I.N. BOX PARTNERS full time.  Best decision I have ever made, most stressful one but the best one.

The question now comes to WHY do you make these for others.  Well lets all be honest about this one, BECAUSE YOU BUY THEM!  Just kidding, I make these for people because with each cover I have a chance to inspire someone on the golf course to do better.  To play better, to help them through that tough shot that they don't know if they can pull off.  I build these to inspire people to greatness.  While you can't always have a coach out on the course with you in the heat of battle.  You can have your cover with you and within its' words on the inside, you can find peace and play your best.  Plus, they really look friggen cool!!!!

Thats how this all came about.  I would like to thank everyone who believed in me when I started doing this and I would like to thank everyone who said it like MERLIN:  "your gonna do what"  (yes that was a top gun reference).

If you would like to know more information about me or how we came to do what we do, you can speak with my Lawyer.  He is 6'2" 220lbs, is into Jiu Jitsu and a Poo Professional and OH YEA he is my older brother.  Thanks Dave.